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VinylRecordsHub –  Our Journey

We love vinyl records.

They are musical time capsules.

Vinyl occupies a unique place in our hearts in today’s digital world.

We desire to share that with you.

Our story is more than ten years old as we, music lovers, decided to open up a platform to share our vinyl collections with the world.

VinylRecordsHub thinks that music on vinyl is more than just sound.

It is an experience.

We get the feeling of satisfaction when putting a needle in a record, experiencing the soft and gentle crackles, and holding these giant album artworks.

Our goal is straightforward: we want to get you acquainted with the music you love in its purest form.

At VinylRecordsHub, you get to browse a unique collection of vinyl records.

Experience something different.

You might be a rock, jazz, hip-hop, or anything else fan.

We have something for everyone to experience some magic.

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Our inventory has various vinyl records, from the classics to the obscure.

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We ship worldwide so that everyone can experience the beauty of vinyl music.

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The quality of our vinyl records comes first. You can be confident that you have the best.


We provide our services to our customers on an ongoing basis. We keep you informed about your order’s journey from dispatch to delivery.

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We always ensure that we address any problem that arises for you to be satisfied.

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